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Out of Character Community for TF2007 Fun RPG
OOC (Out Of Character) Journal for tf2007_rpg!

broken_envy aka enforcerofpain has kindly allowed me to open an OOC journal for RPers from tf2007_rpg to relax and discuss plot outlines. ^^

This community is modded (as of 4th January) by animesque. I'm quite harmless~ =D So any complaints or whatever can be directed to me~~ <3

This community, although it's Out Of Character, has rules (no flaming, no fights, no verbal abuse etc). I won't bother listing them since I know all of ya will behave~~ ^^

Anyway, I don't mind if your posts are posted from your RP journal or normal journal, but it might make life easier if you state which RP character you are, or use a DP that's relevant~ xD; It's not required, just suggested.

It'll be nice to ask your lovely main mod broken_envy and any fellow RPers if you want to implement any scenarios that may affect the whole RP and/or other RP characters.

I guess that's it! Have fun people! <33 And RP RP RP! ^^

[EDIT!]: There's now a list of characters! You can access it HERE

If you're a new player, please read and follow the instructions on the entry~!

Also, please access this entry HERE and follow the instructions on that post too! ^^;

Thanks! <3


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